Hey all it’s me, Ame, the author of GreenFlicky and the biggest contributor to this site and all it’s isometric goodies. I’m glad you’re here, viewing this site alone is a huge boon for me, but seeing as you’re on the support page lemme speak my piece on the originating of this website. First off this has been a lot of work, getting this thing up and running, covering server and domain costs, gathering info, making guides/resources, and formatting old ones to fit the new look of GreenFlicky has been a rather consuming process and it’s been a big deal to me. I created this site to give the content I wanted to make for the 3D Blast more room to breathe and a place to consolidate the information the community has scattered about google docs, personal downloads, and chaotic discord chats. So in late 2021 I started looking at my options, writing up articles, gathering guides and info, and made my first purchase (server and domain name via wordpress) near christmas time. Since then i’ve been ever so slowly adding pages and consulting friends, peers, and idols about this project, and doing my best to provide something you can’t find elsewhere. Since its inception I’ve just wanted it to be The Site for Sonic 3D Blast and not once has this ever been about money or making a profit of any kind. However, as you might expect, it takes a buck or two to host this site on the world wide web and I started this project with the expectation that I will take full responsibility for that cost. If you feel compelled to support me, and this project by extension, I have a Ko-Fi page you can donate to. Note that I do more than just tinker with the GreenFlicky so I can’t guarantee that your dollar specifically will go directly to server fees, it is a personal Ko-Fi page, but it’ll help me. (mainly this is the only way I could figure to do this so, yeah it’s what we got at the moment)

Again, donating to me is completely optional and you should make sure you feel I deserve this and that you’re in a good financial spot to do so. This website has been, is, and will always be completely FREE and nothing will be paywalled so don’t feel like you need to donate for any special access or features.


Now if you would like to support me and GreenFlicky in other ways like editorial duties, making content, archiving sources, etc. Please contact me on Discord directly @ Ame#6319 or via the community Discord. I’m always looking for help and have had plenty of it in the making and upkeep of this site, shoutouts to Brandino, Kingrhodes, S-Two, Amber Cyprian, and many many more for being there and helping me with this.