Green Grove 2 Snake Cycles

The Snakes in GG2 (also referred to as worms) operate on a global cycle, making complete cycles every 128 frames. Snakes are vulnerable (above ground) for 62 frames and invulnerable (below ground) for 66 frames. Figure B and Figure C show the first and last vulnerable frames of the above ground portion of the cycle. Each snake operates on this same 128 frame cycle however they all start at differing positions, meaning they are not synchronized to the same frame. Using the first vulnerable frame as the start “frame 1” of the cycle it can be determined that: Snake 1(((Snake’s are labeled 1, 2, and 3 based on the order they are encountered in. Snake 1 is the Snake in Section 2; Snake 2 is the snake north of the entrance shute in Section 3; Snake 3 is the final Snake before the end of the stage))) starts the stage on frame 19; Snake 2 on frame 63 (the first underground frame); and Snake 3 on frame 10. The below tables list the relevant cycles and their corresponding frame count from start of stage to a 1:10 or faster IGT for each Snake. Check out the Practice Hack Page for more info on frame counts and timings.

Figure A: First Snake Completely Underground
Figure B: First Snake First Vulnerable Frame
Figure C: First Snake Last Vulnerable Frame


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