Practice Hack Level Times

The below spreadsheet is the individual level leaderboards exclusevly run on the Practice Hack by Chrezm. The Practice Hack allows for frame percise timings (with +/- 1 frame margin of error) in levels, and even between checkpoints/goalrings. As such the times here are recorded according to this frame counting allowed by the practice hack. World Records are included regardless of if they were run on the Practice Hack for the sake of comparison. These runs are defaulted to the maximum frame count for that second (assuming that no practice hack runs tie WR on that stage), ex: RR3 is 10 seconds IGT, thus it will be listed as 0:10.59 or 659 frames.
The “Community Sum of Best” column is simply the best individal segements of a stage from across the community added together + 74 frames. This is because the last goalring in a section (exluding sections without goalrings) uses the first number that appears when grabbing it, which is 74 frames before the IGT offically ending.
You can find out more about and download the hack on our Practice Hack page.
Visit our page too view the offical leaderboards for all catagories.

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