Amber Cyprian and Zurggriff’s Best Ending Maps

Maps created by Amber Cyprian and Zurggriff and the collection can be downloded here:

Unedited versions of these maps can be found here

NOTE: These maps were originally published on February 11th, 2019 and while they are represneative of a good strats and a good starting point for anyone just starting with runs, they are not up-to-date with current top level routes (although very similiar). If you are interested in the current routes for any catagory please join the discord and ask what the current route is or study recent high level runs posted to SRC.

Best Ending Route

Green Grove 2

Rusty Ruin 2

Sping Stadium 1

Diamond Dust 1

Diamond Dust 2

Volcano Valley 2

Alternative and Backup Emeralds

Green Grove 1

Spring Stadium 2

Volcano Valley 1

Any% and Outdated Maps

Rusty Ruin 1 Any%

Spring Stadium 1 Any%

Diamond Dust 1 any%

Volcano Valley 2 Any%

Gene Gadget 1 Any%

Gene Gadget 2 Any%

Panic Puppet 1 Any%

Panic Puppet 2 Any% Route

Diamond Dust 2 BE Old Route