Volcano Valley Elevators

Elevators are the little blue platforms that require you charge a spindash to gain height on them. Revving your spindash has no effect on the speed the elevator rises, but you can speed up the process by optimizing your entry and exit. One of the most consistent ways to quickly get on an elevator is to run into it. Elevators are platforms and as such have sides that will stop you just like a wall, the idea is to hit this wall and come to a complete stop near instantly. Upon loosing your speed to the elevator wall, do the smallest jump possile and move just slightly so you land on the edge of the platform. once you have landed and are no longer moving charge your spindash.
Leaving these quickly is slightly more difficult, and much riskier as you are jumping off the platform before it reaches the top. However Sonic can only jump (slightly over) 2 blocks high, so you need to jump once you just past 2 block of hight between the floor of the platform and the floor of the area you’re going to. The timing for releasing spindash and hitting jump is also rather tight so you need to make sure you have ample space so you don’t roll into the wall and bounce off the wall, the reason why you try to land on the edge. Conviently every elevator has a clear visual cue at just the right height to get a consistent and fast elevator exit. Below is an image of each elevator, with a green line marking the crack in the rock you are trying to cover up with the edge of the elevator with. Once the edge covers the crack in the rock perform your jump and you should make it to the next area.

VV 1 first elevator

VV 1 second elevator

VV 1 third elevator

VV 1 fourth elevator

VV 2 first elevator

VV 2 second elevator

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